Monday, 11 July 2011

Tanam Aku Hidup2

This song is surely such a very nostalgic one for me. Sometimes it's not wrong to look back at the old days. When i did that, i feel grateful for where I stand, feel so alive and of course i appreciate my life now with the one I love. 
To think how painful back then. I was with a wrong person can I say that? Nope! I don't know. But lotsa thing I've learned. I've learned to love myself more than anyone else. I've learned to prioritize myself. I can say after all of the hard times, I can look back and smile. Thanks to you who made me cry, who made me realized how idiot you are. Thanks to you for leaving a deep scar and made me hate you so much. Now I can say, because of you I've found my happiness. I don't miss you and I will never do.
Goodbye tears and pain. Welcome joy and happiness.

My happiness.. Aril

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